Chris transitioned to agriculture thru natural building. He worked with Chris Fox natural building outside of Athens, Ohio learning timber framing and strawbale construction. Working with a team of draft horses to log timbers, use a saw mill and cut the timberframe all on site. Traveling with a small crew around the region to raise the frame and infill with strawbale, Chris became more interested in fresh, local, sustainable produce and meat.

Having traveled throughout the west after high school, Chris longed for vast open spaces, sun, and quite places. After meeting Kelly while in Columbus where Chris grew up, they both left Ohio in search of a new home. After landing in Paonia, Colorado which is the western slopes agricultural hub, Chris interned on two organic farms for two growing seasons. Learning farm management, sales, hoophouse production and animal husbandry.

Not finding a place in Paonia to start their own farm, and having found, by luck, a place to farm a short distance away near Moab, Utah, Chris and Kelly started their own farm in La Sal, Utah in 2012.


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